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Liars and fraudsters

You are all liars and fraudsters. Not a single person here has decoded anything beyond what is already publicly known.

All I see is people claiming they have decoded certain parts or even the entire remaining pages yet nobody has provided a shred of proof. Also it's quite pathetic how you are all obviously trying to convince others to share what they know, which if you had really decoded the cypher yourself you would have no need for.

It's simple to prove if you really have decoded it - GO AND DIG UP THE TREASURE! Or if it's a hoax, as I suspect it is, publicly divulge your proof of the solved codes. Either way you would get credit and respect for your efforts...

...but you won't, because you can't.

Re: Liars and fraudsters

Well perhaps people aren't willing to share what they know because who wants to share a massive treasure???

Re: Liars and fraudsters

Well perhaps people aren\'t willing to share what they know because who wants to share a massive treasure???
That would be a reasonable notion, Digster, if it weren't for an undeniable fact. These people can't keep their mouths shut about anything.

Think about it - they come on internet forums shouting from the rooftops they have solved the code and know where the treasure is. They make all sorts of ludicrous claims and seemingly don't care a bit that they look like conspiracy theorist crackpots. Why then would they be so silent about showing the actual evidence to validate their claims? Simple, they wouldn't. If they had that evidence it would be proclaimed just as loudly as their foolish claims.

Another key point to this whole fiasco is the large number of professional cryptanalysts and mathematicians who have studied the Beale cipher at length and determined it is almost certainly a hoax and not a real workable cipher on the remaining pages. It's easy to find reputable articles across the internet about their work on this. Some of them are very heavy reading so no doubt the average treasure hunter, who is a dullard, would be perplexed and not even bother. Some news websites have produced good articles that summarise this better though. Here is a reasonable example that is a good balance of technical detail and easy reading for the layman.