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I have the Key to all three pages.

I Live in a small town in America in the middle of nowhere in a Bank building. The Beales used to live in this town. I had never heard of TJB until one night I had
Been planning to sell this place when God
Told me I couldn't sell it yet. He had to show me some stuff. He brought me almost
Straight to Thomas J Beale. It turned out
I had the Key to all three pages in the bank. It's a special KJV Bible the cover of which appears to be decorated with ore
Veins. It sais in the Cipher than this is
Israel's Portion, that Moses Divided from the years that he and the men warred up unto the Lord and that I Am to bless you wherewith the Lord has blessed me out of my walls and my floors and my winepress.

I also have the 300,000 lbs of auag some of it even at the surface level (encased in my stone foundation) in iron pots with the tops welded shut. Iron Goblets filled with Gold Hair and Silver Tassels (Biblical from the Temple of the Lord)

I've just delivered a 5-10 gallon of ore to a smelter and am waiting to hear back from him. Although the Gold passed tests at a refinery with electrospectronomy.

2nd Baruch 6:6-9 mentioned I would have this treasure Isaiah 49 51:12 43:5 style

As it mentions in my cipher, at some point they'll dog with their eyes closed because of the rumors that whoever looks at the Ark of the Covenant dies. That's what's beneath all the gold and silver. We're gonna dig it up and follow it to the place where we will prepare the Hedge of Defense.

Anyway. 9063229441

Call me if you want to help Save the World. Save America. And Save the Children. Very little time left.

Re: I have the Key to all three pages.

Scuse me, my Flock and My Floor and My Winepress*

If I could post pictures here I would post the first 17 pages of the Cipher. They're Absolutely incredible.