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Re: Weerd guy trying to figure it all.

115I, 73H, 24A, 818V, 37E, 52D, 49E, 17P, 31O, 62S, 657I, 22T, 7E, 15D, 140I, 47N, 29T, 107H, 79E, 84C, 56O, 238U, 10N, 26T, 811?, 5O, 148F, 308B, 85E, 52D, 159F, 136O, 59R, 210D, 36A, 9B, 46O, 316U, 553T, 122F, 106O, 95U, 53R, 58M, 2I, 42L, 7E, 35S, 122F, 53R, 57O, 82M, 77b, 250u, 195f, 56o, 96r, 118d, 71s, 140i, 287n, 28a, 353n, 37e, 1005?(no-x), 65c, 147a, 818v, 24a, 3t, 8i, 12o, 47n, 43o, 59r, 807(818)v, 45a, 316u, 101l, 41t, 78s, 154i, 1005(no-x), 122f, 138e, 191(190)e, 16t, 77b, 49e, 102l, 57o, 72w, 34t, 73h, 85e, 35s, 371u, 59r, 196(195)f, 81a, 92c, 191(190 e), 106o, 273f, 60T, 394H, 612E*?, 270G, 219R, 106O, 388U, 287N, 63D, 3T, 6H, 190E+9, 62S, 51A, 219R, 37E, 113G, 140I, 818V, 138E, 549N(+9), 8I, 44N, 287N, 388U, 117M, 18B, 79E, 344R(+10), 34T, 20H, 59R, 520(+9)E, 557E(+9), 107H, 603E(+9), 219R, 7E, 66W, 154I, 41T, 20H, 50T, 6H, 584E(+9), 122F, 154I, 248R, 110S, 61T, 52, 33, 30, 5, 38, 8, 14, 84, 57, 540, 217, 1