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Re: We did it, Code Solved.

Drachir Strebor
What happened? Where are the pages of decoded information? Has anyone really deciphered the mysterious code? What has been found? Please post any new information that has been found. I wish that I lived closer to the location. I would certainly be searching for this elusive treasure!

Hi Dr Evil and all of the other Beale Treasure Hunters out there. Ya, I still hold to the claim that I solved the codes and I am doing everything I can to check out a site in Va. before we tell all. Right now I have DCNR in court over the Lost Civil War Gold site we have at Dents Run, Pa. And we are doing a TV show for the History Channel in Nova Scotia on Sep 14th - 17th. The show is on the new info we have on The Knights Templars and the treasure. Things move slow in the real world. I am doing what I can but its the Goverment Laws that slow us down. I still stick to everything I posted and I hope to prove it soon. The History Channel wants to do a TV show on this hunt and the other treasure sites we located. Check out our web site at Thank You Denny

Re: We did it, Code Solved.

Guten tag. I am still trying to decipher the Beale Treasure Messages, but to no avail. Does anyone have the answers to this mystery? Je ne c'est pas. I am still waiting to see if any progress has been made by anyone out there. Z5O, Drachir Strebor.

Re: We did it, Code Solved.


In order to crack this one you need both jeys to decipher these messages.
The first KEY is to know the spctrum of encryption he was using...
The second KEY is to know the setting of the cipherdisk to read meassages. I have both keys !!!

I can save you a lot of time and bother . . . The treasure WAS moved again out of VA and is now in Missouri and only I know that Location !!!!

Re: We did it, Code Solved.

Where is it? I will help u dig that ************ up