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Beale story look another story, around 20 years later.

I saw the Beale cypher in a cryptographic book and got interested to the case. After research on the web i have found a guy Named Old Bill Willams and a certain Captain Fremont, that went on a expedition with 35 men... very similar story...

To read more, search for "Fourth expedition"on this page:émont

I have analysed the numbers and it can be anything. It might be a reference to the first letter of words in a certain text or the whole word...

I really dont know how advanced encryption techniques where back in theses days, and do not no where to start.

Sure i have analysed the numbers, how many time they appear, in what orders, etc, i still dont have a clue to interprete them.

They look like elevelation point, like on a map, 3 axis, 3 piece of paper... But again, i dont know if they could have these king of data back in the days....

Anyway, if any of you want to share facts or tought, feel free to post or contact me.

Later all,