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Re: Update on the Beale Codes

Hi Paul, You maybe on to something, I hope you are. I am ready to go public this summer with everything we have on the codes. I still believe or hope that there is some truth to the Treasure and the Codes. But the proof I have will show that there is no message to a treasure.
Someone did a great deal of work to put this all together and it was done by two different people at different dates in times and two different DOI were used. For 2 years I found info that made us think the treasure was real but when we got to the end of the codes things look different. I hope you come up with something and if you do please get back to me. I am willing to look at what you come up with. We are busy working at a Lost Civil War Gold site in Elk Co. Pa. We have several sites we hope to dig at this summer then we will start posting what we found at each site. You can email me at our site at
Thank You