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Re: Update on the Beale Codes

What "Key" was used to crack the code? In any of the instances that people have claimed to crack the first and third codes?

The only one I've heard of being used was the Declaration of Independence for #2 and it does not line up with the other two. The pictures of the noterized paper have the numbers and supposedly the letters to go with them. But no mention of what key was used or how it was found is made.

This makes me sceptical of the validity of the claims of this site.

Please some information would be appreciated.

Re: Update on the Beale Codes

Hi, I cannot give out any info on how we broke the code till later this summer. I can tell you that there never was a treasure. The Museum in Bedford Co. has info in its records that sends all treasure hunters to dead ends. WHY . To keep the money comming in. They have alot of info on the Beale Treasure and we checked out some and found most not to be true. Some people just want to keep this going so some can sell books , CD's or what ever to make money. We plan to make a CD and sell it at cost this summer. We will post how we broke the code on our web site soon at no charge. But there is alot of info to show and it would take to many pages on our site. The CD will explain each part for those that want to check out the hole code. There is NO MESSAGE in #1 code to a treasure. Yes we did decode something that proves this is it and we made it to the end. Our CD will show why the counting errors were made, who put this together, how many pages was in beales code book,what DOI was used, and were do all 3 codes decode from. We have a great deal of work to do and we done alot of work on this and there is no money to be made. I started into this treasure hunt looking for the treasure and we had sites we wanted to dig at because we thought we had figured it out. The last thing I wanted to do was to find out this was all a joke. I would still like to dig at 2 of the sites we have there but I know it is a waste of time now. I hope that some day someone will find something and prove me wrong. This hunt is just for fun, don't get to involved in this , many gave up years to find nothing. We work on many sites all over the states and as we get to the truth on some we will post what we know for others to check out for free. I hope this answers your questions for now.

Re: Update on the Beale Codes

I can tell you one thing for sure. The treasure has been found and removed.

In about 2000 I visited a bookstore in jacksonville, florida called Chamblins Bookmine. Being an avid reader of treasure stories, I found a copy of the Beale code solved in an old copy of Treasure Hunter. It dashed my hopes too. They explained that the Beale code key was found in the back of Thomas Beales bible that was left with his family. Thomas Jefferson Beale was a Mason and used the Masonic Key to encode the 2 and 3 page. Never tried to get more information on it but will seek out the issue again with I go back this next month. Chamblin's Bookmine is just like finding buried treasure in book form.

BTW try decoding the letter using the TIC TAC TOE method. Can't remember all but do remember that words go across and numbers go down Words are in groups of 9 That is what I remember

Re: Update on the Beale Codes

Hi Paul, You maybe on to something, I hope you are. I am ready to go public this summer with everything we have on the codes. I still believe or hope that there is some truth to the Treasure and the Codes. But the proof I have will show that there is no message to a treasure.
Someone did a great deal of work to put this all together and it was done by two different people at different dates in times and two different DOI were used. For 2 years I found info that made us think the treasure was real but when we got to the end of the codes things look different. I hope you come up with something and if you do please get back to me. I am willing to look at what you come up with. We are busy working at a Lost Civil War Gold site in Elk Co. Pa. We have several sites we hope to dig at this summer then we will start posting what we found at each site. You can email me at our site at
Thank You

Re: Update on the Beale Codes

You are 100 percent correct.
It is just a money making scheme that people are still falling for.

Re: Update on the Beale Codes

The treasure was never lost friends.That is all.