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Concerns anyone?

This site claims to have found the vault
This site is open about the decrypted messages.
This site has no explanation to how the message came about.

Why the secrecy on the code if the site has been found? I offer two and a half suggestions, there is more to this code and the site would prefer people weren't able to replicate their feat (for what more they might find), this information is posted as a red herring, to throw much of the world of scent (not so successful yet, I feel) or this was totally made up to impress the masses.

I leave it to the intelligent reader on this site to decide which of these is most likely, but suffice it to say that if anyone has solved the riddle, they're not talking about it....(and I notice many of the ideas on solving the cipher appear to come from the ideas of 'PROGGY' - interesting that there hasn't been more than the odd word extracted)....

It seems there may be more to it than meets the eye....

Re: Concerns anyone?

Agreed. I don't know what "PROGGY" is, but I find it strange that I didn't hear of this on the news or somewhere.

However, they have some interesting pictures, and if they did make up the code solution the language they chose to do so is pretty interesting. I posted another topic asking the head of the site about this, but no response yet.

Re: Concerns anyone?

I agree if I wanted to have all athe time without any pressure from the outside world I would put out a story of descovery to ward of others. Also the so called X marks the spot on the rock seems a little odd that nothing was ever mentioned of it in the letters.