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? if the man on this site claims to have found it and there is nothing there , why is everybody trying to still break this code? just a ? I have some info but do not want to humiliate myself if it is true that it has been found and nothing was found

Re: info

Nobody knows for sure - unless they have been somehow involved in the search (and find)...

Assuming this site's claims are true, how do we know nothing was found?

While these researchers appear to have stumbled on something significant, isn't it possible they missed something? (Whether that be at the location they are looking, or whether they stumbled across the wrong location remains to be seen). The treasure may still be out there (as far as anyone would know), and mat still be in the place originally referred to in the ciphers. Equalyy, it may have since been found, but in all likelihood it is still hidden somewhere - not too many records of big finds in those areas really, is there? Even if someone has fgound it, they appear to be sitting on it for the moment, so presumably it is hidden somewhere.....

In time, all will become apparent (one way or the other)....