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Beale Treasure

Hi, I've beed reading about the Beale Treasure from a book given to me entitled "Gold in the Blue Ridge"by P.B.Innes.I have also visited various web sites and read through the threads on the forums. Could this be true or a hoax?. My first take on this is how do we know the transfer of the codes from Beale to Morriss actually took place?. All I have to go by is what James Ward tells in the Beale Papers.Then Ward numbers the papers without really knowing what order is correct.I think Ward "solved #2" using the DOI giving an account of what was buried because no one could actually validate if this was true or false. However had he solved #1 or #3 then this could be validated. This is how he planned to make money by selling the pamphlet thinking that people would by it thinking they could solve the other codes possibly using the DOI.--Just a thought-sbr

Re: Beale Treasure

You are more correct in your thoughts than you will ever know. Makes good reading and also makes one very wealthy!!!!!