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Re: Going to Va. to dig this month, Hope to have all the answers soon.

It is easier for someone to call this Beal Code a fake than it is to stand up and do the work to see for themselves if it is. I am one that may stand alone for what found and beleve in. I just wonder how much work you have done on the code before you printed and post your thoughts?????? I thought so.

THERE IS A MESSAGE IN THE CODES. If it is to a treasure ???? or a joke I will find out. I have spent many months on the codes and we went to Bedford Co. in Va. 3 times to reasearch the story. I also want to know what is in the code and put this story to rest . I HOPE TO PROVE TO YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU That there is some kind of a message in the Beale Codes. I do not know if there is or was a treasure but the codes have somthing in them.

Re: Going to Va. to dig this month, Hope to have all the answers soon.

I realise I add this quite late after the original thread, but I find it funny how quickly people try to dismiss people who claim the code is false....

Someone who is interested enough to be on a site that discusses the Beale cipher, yet dismisses it as false has most likely solved (or thinks they've solved) the puzzle, and is simply discouraging others from looking

Those who claim to be on to something, on the other hand, are most likely still looking - and are posting bait in an attempt to discover more information.

All will be revealed in good time.....