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Back from Va. Update

I know everyone wants to know what and why it is taking us so long to tell what we found.Well we just got back from Bedford Va. on July 10 and the land owners will not allow a dig or anything. NO ONE in the town will help us get info on what we need to get to the truth.It looks like the treasurs was found some 20 to 40 years ago by locals in the area. If we can get the OK to do our job we could prove the treasure was there at one time and maybe the vault is still there. But it looks like everyone is doing what they can to stop us from finding out the truth.Last year when we went down everyone was willing to help but the info they gave us was wrong and took us in the wrong direction. Now that we have broken part of the code and we think we have the site of the vault, we want to put a end to this. We will not give up and I will post and answer your questions.
Keeping us from finding out the truth shows a cover up as Peter Viemeister wrote in his book Confederate Treasure Coverup.