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Re: Questions?

I need more information plz.

Re: Questions?

Dan was high in the order, Worshipful Master,
32° Scottish Rite, York Rite and ROYAL ARCH MASON.
I have more information concerning his background at my home, I'll try to add that later when I'm not working out of town. I remember him mentioning something about CRYPTIC MASONRY but I'm not sure on that and would have to ask his wife.
Sorry I missed your post, I've been so busy working with my brother all around the country and don't have much time to spend at home and dabble on the internet.
I have been browsing through the post here and to my amazement there is actually good news for a change....... others are decoding solutions that are far from coincidental.

Just a matter of

Royal Arch FreeMasonry; etc.

Dan was somewhat correct; I am also 32nd SR; Royal Arch FreeMason, with EMPHASIS on Treasure Hunting in the 7th degree. From Bedford County; been to Montvale, Va. area, etc; met and listened to the "locals" re. Beale Treasure as a "code" for CSA-related "assets" of weaponry, CSA Treasury - "here & there"... along the mountains (BRP). and along the James River.