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Bike Repar/Change a flat tube workshop at Post-BSR Picnic

Hi all. After the post-Broad Street Run barbecue, we'll be doing some basic bike repair. Bring your bike if you've got one, or just watch along if you don't have a bike or don't want to bring it. But if you can bring your bike, bring it, because hands-on instruction is always better.

You can also bring tire levers and a pump. If you don't have these, that's fine, but eventually you will want them if you're going to be taking longer bike rides. But you don't need to run out and buy them to come to this workshop. You'll also need a tube or two for longer bike rides. You don't need a tube for this workshop unless you already have a flat tube. If you're coming just to learn and you don't yet have a flat tube, we'll deflate the tube you've got, take it out, put it back in and reinflate it. If you do in fact have a flat tube, go out and get a tube that fits your bike and bring it.

If you'd like some homework, here are three different videos and one set of written instructions on how to change out a tube. Yeah, that's a lot. I like/dislike certain things about each one, so I include them all and you can check them out for yourself:

This video is pretty involved, but it shows you the basics:

Here’s a quick and simple video:

And another one:

And this is text with photos:

Sunday, October 10 approx 11:30am (BBQ starts at 10:30am), FDR Park, near the playing fields and I-95 overpass, south side of the park, away from Pattison Ave. MAP:

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Re: Bike Repar/Change a flat tube workshop at Post-BSR Picnic

The location of the barbecue has been changed to Lemon Hill, so the location of the bike workshop has also been changed to Lemon Hill.[/url}

Your Favorite Running Shoe: New Balance 990