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Welcome to our Philly Runners forum. This message board is provided for running-related discussion in the Philadelphia area and around the world. You are welcome to start your own topics and reply to others.
You don't need to post only running-related items, but commercial interests don't have a business being on here (unless you're trying to sell your used treadmill, for example). We don't have "rules" but will try to use our best good-faith judgment. 

Please do not list the full name of anybody other than yourself. Please use first names only or first name plus first letter of last name. Messages that include full names will be deleted. 

When starting a topic for an event with a specific date, please list the date of the event in the subject line. For example: "Media 5 Miler Friday June 17".

Some posts will be deleted after a while due to space limitations. Have fun, and please be sure to visit our main website for more information on our club and more running-related information.

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Thursday Hill Work is now Thursday Speed Work, effective Thursday, September 30

Hilly Thursdays are now Speedy Thursdays, effective Thursday, September 30.

Eight 1/4 splits back and forth along MLK Drive with a 3/4 mile warmup and 3/4 mile cool-down.

Same meetup time: 6:30pm
Same meetup place: Bottom of the Art Museum steps, on the right, by the sign with the museum's hours

The runs are never canceled.
Everybody is always welcome.

Your Favorite Running Shoe: New Balance 990