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Runs may be starting back up on Saturday, June 6 at 8am

As most of you are probably aware, southeastern PA may be moving to "yellow" on Friday, June 5. If that is the case, our runs will be starting back up the following day. If for some reason, yellow doesn't happen on June 5, I'm going to have to tell everyone not to show up that Saturday.

If the runs do start up, we will be on the summer schedule with an 8am start for Saturday runs and the Tues/Thurs runs will remain at 6:30pm.

There’s going to be some changes, so please read this so you will know what to expect when you come to our runs.

• You will need to wear a mask to the run.

• Please avoid touching each other. No shaking hands, high-fives, hugging. Please give
each other plenty of space. If we have trouble with too many people being at the Art Museum Plaza we may switch the location of the run meetups, but for now the run meetup location remains the same.

• The format of the runs is going to change, particularly at the start. There won’t be any announcements. There’s not a whole lot to announce anyway as pretty much every upcoming event has been canceled. We’re going to avoid gathering in a large group.
• There will be a rolling start. When you come to a run, if there is somebody there who you want to run with, you will immediately take off with your running partner. If there’s nobody for you to run with, stick around and when your running partner arrives, you will take off with him/her. We’re going to run in groups of two or three. If there’s four runners at the same pace, I’ll ask you to split up into two groups of two.
• New runners will be welcomed, paired up with somebody at their pace and sent off to run.
• Runs will start promptly. I will start sending people off by 6:30pm/8am and by 6:35pm/8:05am we’ll all be gone. Please arrive on time.

• Try to avoid running directly behind other runners. If you find yourself pulling up on the group in front of you, either pass them or ease off.

• For Thursday Hills, we won’t pair up at the Art Museum, but we will leave promptly. By 6:32pm we’ll be gone. Most of us know the hill routine. I won’t bother boring you with the directions. If there are new runners, I’ll give them a very brief overview of the hill workout and direct them to follow somebody who’s roughly their pace.

• I’m not sure if MLK Drive is going to stay closed. If it is, we may do our Tuesday out and backs there rather than on Kelly. For Saturdays, you could do a long out and back to the gate at Falls Bridge or continue around to do the regular loop. Thursday Hills will remain on Lemon Hill.

• There’s not going to be any after-run dinners, at least not for the foreseeable future. For Saturdays, I’m hoping Cosmic Café at Lloyd Hall will be open for takeout and then we’ll be able to sit in the Azalea Garden (the grassy area just off the Kelly Drive path between the Art Museum Parking Garage and the traffic light by Lloyd Hall) or somewhere else where there’s lots of space. You can also bring food and carry it with you while you run or hide it somewhere before the start of the run. Please understand if others are not comfortable sharing their food with you. I’ll try to have some individually wrapped trail mix or Clif bars on hand.

• Please try to keep your distance from others at the start and end of the runs. If someone asks you to back up, please respect that.

• If you don’t feel well, please don’t come to the run.

• Please remember: everyone is on edge. Give each other plenty of space, cut each other plenty of slack. Try to stay calm. We’ll get through this together.

Thank you.

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Re: Runs may be starting back up on Saturday, June 6 at 8am

Southeastern PA has moved to Yellow.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at 8am tomorrow.

• Please be on time.

• Please wear a mask.

• Please don’t linger at the start. Find a running partner and go.

• Lock your bike up on Anne d’Harnoncourt Drive, near the new entrance to the Art Museum, not by the Rocky Steps. If you’ve arriving by In**** Bike, the In**** Bike Rack is in the same place as always, on the far end of the Art Museum Plaza.

• The run terminates at the Azalea Garden/Lloyd Hall. Either do the loop and stop there or do an out and back on MLK and then either loop back around the Art Museum or get on the Schuylkill Banks trail, go under MLK, by the Waterworks and come out by Lloyd Hall.

Your Favorite Running Shoe: New Balance 990