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Re: Anyone interested in running 10km on Sunday morning?

Hi Hannah.

Welcome to Philly!

There's a race going on on Sunday, three races actually, a half-marathon, a 7.6K and a 5K. I'm running the half-marathon and a few others in our club are running it too.

I'm not sure if anybody would be up for a 10K run on Sunday. This message board does not get a whole lot of traffic these days. We have a Facebook group here:
You're welcome to join, post that you're looking for a running partner and un-join it when you leave Philly.

I'm not sure how long you'll be in town. You're welcome at any of our runs; Tuesday/Thursday 6:30pm, Saturday mornings 9am.

For Sunday, if you're unable to find a running partner, here's some tips. First off, you'll want to avoid the race.

Here's the course map:

The half-marathon starts at 7:30am and then heads into town, around town, back out and around the river loop that we run on Saturdays.

I'm not sure where you'll be staying. You'll want to get yourself south of Market Street and head west towards the Schuylkill River on Chestnut, Walnut or Locust. Chestnut and Walnut have access into the park down stairways just before you cross the river. Locust has access into the park via a grade level crossing that requires you to cross some railroad tracks. This isn't usually a problem unless thare's a train there. To stay on the safe side, stick with Chestnut or Walnut. Go down to the path and run up it so that the river is on your left. At the top of the path, you'll run under MLK Drive, which is where the half-marathon is going to be finishing up. You'll go right under it without a problem. You'll go by the Waterworks and through a parking lot and out to Kelly Drive by the boathouses. The race will be here too, but the racers will be in the street and you can use the pathway there. Head out on Kelly Drive along the path for as far as you like and then turn around and come back.

Alternatively, you can stay on the east side of town and run along the Delaware River. There's an article in Runner's World that shows you how to do that: The article starts you in South Philly. If you're not starting in South Philly, just head east and then follow along with the article from wherever you end up. Race, Market, Chestnut and Spruce Streets give you access to the Delaware Riverfront.

I hope all that helps. Post back here if you have any questions.

Also, we're having a barbecue after the race, near the train track crossing by 25th and Locust. We'll be in the park there, by the river. Last year we ended up a little north of Locust because there was some Yoga in the Park going on right by Locust. If you'd like to come to our barbecue, you're certainly welcome. You can RSVP here:

Also, check out our main map here: If you zoom out a bit, you'll see that much of what I discuss above is labeled on our main map.

I hope you have a good run on Sunday and a good time in Philly.

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