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Parking and Traffic possibly disrupted around Art Museum Circle Tues Nov 21

Hi all.

In past years the Art Museum Circle has been closed to traffic and the parking lot in the circle closed for parking to accommodate rehearsals for the Thanksgiving Day parade. Not sure if this is still the case and I wasn't able to find out definitively. If you have more info, please post here. This generally has not affected the meetup spot, just getting there and parking.

So, the following may apply:

For Tuesday November 21:

Please note that the art museum circle is usually closed to traffic so that bands participating in the parade on Thursday can use the circle for practice. This generally makes getting to the run by car much more time-consuming, plus the circle parking lot will be closed and you will have to park on Pennsylvania Ave or elsewhere.

Folks leaving town on the Ben Franklin Parkway will be able to access Kelly Drive, but not MLK/West River Drive, Spring Garden Street westbound or I-76 west.

Folks coming into town on Kelly Drive will be forced onto Fairmount Ave and will not be able to access the circle.

Folks coming into town on I-76 East or MLK/West River Drive will be able to get around the circle and onto either Kelly Drive or Spring Garden St eastbound and then onto Pennsylvania Ave. These folks can also get off by the zoo and park a little farther out. If coming in on I-76, take a the Girard/Zoo exit, a left on Girard, cross the river, then a right on Sedgely and down the hill towards Kelly. If coming off the MLK Drive, turn right at the light at Sweetbriar, left on Lansdowne, left on Girard, right on Sedgely.

Folks coming into town on I-76 West should bypass the Center City exits, get off at 34th/Girard/Zoo, take a right on Girard, a right on Sedgely and park in the park before getting down to Kelly Drive, and then jog up to the meet up spot.

Folks coming in on I-676 west should either proceed to I-76 West and get off at Girard, or get off at 22nd St, cross Ben Franklin Parkway and park on Pennsylvania Ave.

Re: Parking and Traffic possibly disrupted around Art Museum Circle Tues Nov 21

I spoke to Dennis earlier this evening. He biked by the Art Museum and the circle is indeed closed to traffic and the parking lot closed to parking. The above post stands. Please plan accordingly.