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Anniversary Week + Springtime on the Schuylkill!

Hey Philly Runners,

In addition to this week being anniversary week (!), this coming Saturday (April 1) is the annual Springtime On The Schuylkill, a Philly Runners-started event to commemorate the start of this year's King (West River Drive) weekend closure to auto traffic, thus opening it up for all of us! The Saturday run will still start 9am, but the location will start/end at Lloyd Hall, 1/2 mile down Kelly Drive. It's encouraged to RSVP at the Facebook page which also has more details ( After the run is a pot-luck picnic at Azalea Garden adjacent to Lloyd Hall.

But be sure to attend our runs during the week to help us celebrate the clubs FIFTEEN YEARS!


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Re: Anniversary Week + Springtime on the Schuylkill!

Hopefully everybody will remember to go down to Lloyd Hall for the start of this event next Saturday. Kevin will be starting the run from there. And I'll be at the Art Museum to intercept anybody who forgets to go to Lloyd Hall.

Hopefully the weather will be better for a picnic this year!

Whether or not the weather is good, don't forget there is also a snack bar at Lloyd Hall, so if you are unable to bring anything, just bring some money and grab some food right there.

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