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A love poem from the 12th century Troubadours that is missing words that were cut off, I have the po

I have a 12th Century Troubadours Love Poem that is missing words that were cut off!

Looking for the correct words that were cut off?

This is what I have...

In the words of a troubador from the 12th century:
So through the eyes love attains the heart
for the eyes are the scouts of the heart
And the eyes go reconnoitering
For what it would please the heart to possess
And when they are in full accord
And firm, all three, in the one resolve
At that time, perfect love is born
From what the eyes have made welcome to the heart
Not otherwise can love either be born or have
Than by this birth and commencemnet moved by inclination
By the grace and by the command
Of these three and by their pleasure
Love is born, who its fair hope
Goes comforting her friends
for as all true lovers know
Love is perfect kindness
Which is born from the heart, and from the eyes
The eyes make it blossom, the heart matures it
Love , which is the fruit of their very seed-