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Arab World Books is about Arab Thought:the ideas, the books and the women and men who created them. This is an area where members and friends can post messages related to our theme. ممكن الارسال بالعربية لكل من تيسر له ذلك

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Call for Writers

Call for Writers

The Editing Board of the Al-Omran Magazine is pleased to call upon all thinkers to contribute articles of 1000 words in either Arabic or English, which deal with the concept of Omran* politically, economically, socially, Islamicaly and internationally, in addition to the role of the Muslims in the West and their contributions to the global development to humanity.

* Al-Omran is development, establishment, cooperation, cultivation, and stewardship.

Al-Omran Magazine
“He brought you forth from the earth and settled you therein, then ask forgiveness of Him and turn to Him and turn to Him in repentance. Certainly, my Lord is Near (to all by His Knowledge), Responsive.” Hûd 61
Al-Omran Magazine inspired by the great scholar Ibn-Khaldun (732-808AH) (1332-1406), and his concept of Al-Omarn.
We render Al-Omran the following intersecting meanings: Al-Omran is establishment, cooperation, cultivation, and stewardship. It is sympathetic cooperation, tempered rationality, and trust in the moral depth of human endeavour.

“Injustice invites the destruction of Omran with the necessary consequence that the (human) species will be destroyed”
“the might of royal authority materializes only through the religious law, obedience toward God, and compliance with His commands and prohibitions. The religious law persists only through royal authority. Mighty royal authority is accomplished only through men. Men persist only with the help of property. The only way to property is through cultivation. The only way to cultivation is through justice. Justice is a balance set up among mankind. The Lord set it up and appointed an overseer for it, and that (overseer) is the ruler." Ibn Khaldoun, Almuqaddima, 1st Volume, Nature of Omran.

The Al-Omran approach entrusts human agents with coalescing virtuous efforts for the continuous development of a civilized order that justly manages by being mindful of the laws of human existence.
Submissions should be sent by email to the Editor in-Chief: Dr.Osama Kadi

Dr.Osama Kadi
Al-Omran Magazine