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To all people's organizations, to all those concerned for human rights and dignity...

To all who care for the Palestinian people...

To people all over the world…

Al-Karmel for Culture and Social Development Association appeals to you, from the camps and towns in the middle and the south of the Gaza Strip: Nuseirat, Maghazi, Deir al-Balah, Al-Bureij, Wadi al-Salka, Al-Qarara; the eastern villages of Khan Yunis, Al-Mowasi, Maan, Khan Yunis Camp.

More than one half-million refugees desperately need relief, in the most difficult situation they are facing since the 1967 war. More than 80% of the families have been affected by recent circumstances; 500 people were killed, 60% of them being civilians and children; approximately 5000 people were injured, and 50% of those became disabled. The rate of poverty has increased dramatically and many families have no income; governmental associations have broken down, and many have stopped providing humanitarian assistance to their beneficiaries. In this situation, those organizations working to provide humanitarian relief to families have become overloaded. These organizations, like Al-Karmel, have been working to provide families with the minimum humanitarian aid for their survival in these very black days. In this volatile, difficult situation that has persisted since early 2006, we have seen the following:

* More than 64% of Palestinian families live with less than 500 NIS ($120), half of it from the unsustainable human aid from national and international relief organizations.
* There is a 40% unemployment rate among Palestinian households in the Gaza Strip.
* 70% of the planted lands on the border of the Gaza Strip were destroyed by Israeli tanks.
* 30% of families were affected by the internal struggle between families and political parties.
* 100% of families suffer from psychological stress.

Al-Karmel for Culture and Social Development Association is a very active non-governmental organization, providing services in the middle camps and the southern area of the Gaza Strip. We have a special calling to serve poverty-stricken Palestinians, and support their fundamental rights of economic, educational, cultural and social progress, especially for the destitute classes. We are working to create a positive response to the emergency crisis situation by alleviating affected families with urgent humanitarian assistance, in addition to empowering these families to face the crisis by providing them with psychological and social support.

Please respond to our appeal for support. Your contribution will go to support our important work:
* Combatting malnutrition among children and pregnant women
* Providing humanitarian aid and relief to the poor affected by this crisis.
* Providing psychological and social support to the victims of violence.
* Improving the economic status of young people by integrating them into the labor force.
* Building the capacity of new graduates, to increase their opportunities for employment.
* Social intervention through lobbying and advocacy to face the crisis and support the community.

Al-Karmel for Culture and Social Development Association is a partner of Takaful, the Palestinian Refugee Support Network:

Visit our website, and help support Al-Karmel's work today. Your contribution can, and will, make a practical difference to support community programs that are desperately needed now!

For more information about Al Karmel, visit Al-Karmel's website at

Donate online at

This alert distributed by
Takaful: Palestinian Refugee Support Network