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Arab World Books is about Arab Thought:the ideas, the books and the women and men who created them. This is an area where members and friends can post messages related to our theme. ممكن الارسال بالعربية لكل من تيسر له ذلك

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Re: Salah Jaheen's Work

Dear Salwa,

We can try to locate it for you. It would help if you give me the link to the text.

Best Regards
Amani Amin

Re: Re: Salah Jaheen's Work

I don't have a link to the audio tape. I know it was one of these books that was transformed into Audio book about 6-7 yrs ago. The actors who participated in it were: Yehaia El-fakharany & Mohsena Twfik.
I googled it & found some sites that have the verse but for some reasons I can't attach it here.
Sorry it took me so long to reply. Please contact me at: