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Arab World Books is about Arab Thought:the ideas, the books and the women and men who created them. This is an area where members and friends can post messages related to our theme. ممكن الارسال بالعربية لكل من تيسر له ذلك

Arab World Books Message Board
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Hi I am coming to Cairo some time next week I leave England on the Thursday the 25 of January so hope to meet some Authors when I get to Cairo hope I get to see some Autheors as I write stories and poems on the web site my name is Rita Joel I have my own page with my photo on it one for stories and one for poems.

Re: Authors

Dear Rita,

Will be waiting for you email with exact Cairo schedule to arrange for someone to meet you.
Have a safe trip.


Re: Re: Authors

Thank you Amin I am looking forward to seeing them, hope you have been on the website and read some of my stories and poems, I would like to see some of yours as well. Rita.

Ps we would like you or one of your team to put a message on our bulleting board and sign our guest book if possible thanks.