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Arab World Books is about Arab Thought:the ideas, the books and the women and men who created them. This is an area where members and friends can post messages related to our theme. ممكن الارسال بالعربية لكل من تيسر له ذلك

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An unique Islamic book to market/ publish

An unique Islamic book to market/ publish

Asslaamu alaikum,
I am a teacher and a writer as well. My latest book 'PROPHECIES AND THE THIRD WORLD WAR' has recently been published. It was first published in Bangla language, then in English in
Bangladesh. It is going to be published in Malay language in Malaysia soon. I suppose the book to be a unique publication and it will sell. See the website: . My next book ‘Signs of God’ will also be an excellent work.
Would you like----
or, to market the book as a distributor (English version)?
or, to find a distributor to market the book (English version)?
Or to translate the book into your local
language and publish?
Or, to reprint the book (English version)?

If you are not willing to do that, please forward this letter to such one who is willing.
I await your kind

Khandakar Shahryer Sultan


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