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Arab World Books is about Arab Thought:the ideas, the books and the women and men who created them. This is an area where members and friends can post messages related to our theme. ممكن الارسال بالعربية لكل من تيسر له ذلك

Arab World Books Message Board
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I want to be published! Can U help??

Ok. I know I am not Adonees or any of the famous Arab poets but I am a poet! An Arab poet and I want to be published! Is it too much to ask for? Every other publishing house that I contacted say that I have to be a famous poet because as they said, “no one is interested in buying Arabic poetry!” well I am surprised because I am and sure there are millions of Arabs out there who also like and want to read poetry.

Well now that I have told you how I am feeling… can you help me get published and “known” I am not looking for profit and I write as a hobby. I just want to be published. To share my life exepreinces and feelings with others....My first book of poetry is ready, I even have the design and the text set and proof read!

Can you help me?

You can contact me on my email address

Thank you for taking the time to read my mail.